DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #64 Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking
Ep. #64 Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking

Ep. #64 Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking

Update: 2020-12-09


The first step to changing your relationship to alcohol and making it easier to say no to a drink, is to understand why you say yes in the first place. Your thoughts are what make or break any habit. You must know what your "belief story" around alcohol is, to know what you want it to become.  We don't walk around thinking all of our thoughts and beliefs are BS, but the truth is, they are our interpretation of the world and subjective.  The human brain will continue to find evidence for what it knows, to it's detriment. The most important things is not to threaten the selfie system, this is what makes the conflict grow. Rather offer compassion and curiosity to all of you. There will always be something that no longer serves us, alcohol is a double whammy with such a strong reward, but we must make friends with our habits, they are hard one and our inner critic also isn't going anywhere. Get to know her, and get to cultivate a much more intimate relationship with yourself, underneath the urge to drink just might be a woman who needs some long overdue TLC.

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Ep. #64 Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking

Ep. #64 Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking

Mary Wagstaff