DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #65 The Search For Wholeness
Ep. #65 The Search For Wholeness

Ep. #65 The Search For Wholeness

Update: 2020-12-16


The way you got into your relationship with alcohol, isn't the same way you get out. If you want to live a more joyful deprivation free life that is.  When we live attached to our labels and stories of the past, we cling to the outer world to fill a void inside to create a sense of inner wholeness.  In endless pursuit of finding wholeness that can only be experienced here and NOW,  makes the desire for alcohol greater.  You use alcohol to fill the un-fillable hole, but to also numb the discomfort of the endless search for wholeness. The solution is a simple shift in perspective and the willingness to detach from all that you have identified as. This is the process I teach my 1:1 coaching clients.  How to shift into the NOW where you are whole and problems only exist if we think they do.

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Ep. #65 The Search For Wholeness

Ep. #65 The Search For Wholeness

Mary Wagstaff