DiscoverVerdict with Ted CruzEp. 67 - The Prosecution Rests
Ep. 67 - The Prosecution Rests

Ep. 67 - The Prosecution Rests

Update: 2021-02-1211


After much sound and fury, the Democrats have rested their case in the second impeachment "trial" of Donald Trump. Michael Knowles quizzes Senator Ted Cruz on what the heck is going on. Plus, the podcasting pals zoom out to cover cancel culture more broadly. Is the same nasty double standard the Left is using to cancel Trump responsible for the ouster of Gina Carano?

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William Apple

I'm as Conservative as they come.. and I've watch Republicans that's I've voted for for 30 years SIT ON THEIR HANDS.. YOU GUYS GET NOTHING DONE!!!! only since Trump stood up did half of you get onboard.. or wake up and start doing what your hired to do.. you guys need to suck it up and take your part of the blame. so all of a sudden when Americans get their election stolen! they all see you guys doing your normal song and dance... you guys are so sold out you disgust the American people ...the current Republicans are not what American stand for. your detached fat cats. won't go against the grain because it will cost you your Bmw, your status,your social standing.. we are so surprised the stinking liberals are doing what they always do... and the good guys are supposed to keep it in check! do what you say your going to do when your voted in! everyone surprised that Americans are fed up. Sires if you were Americans you would be fed up also! I want even aware of what a swamp DC was until the patriot Donald J Trump stood in the gap... thank you Lord for Donald Trump

Feb 26th

Moshe Wise

Cruz says Eichmann testified at Nuremberg. This is not correct. Eichmann was in hiding during the Nuremberg trial.

Feb 15th








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Ep. 67 - The Prosecution Rests

Ep. 67 - The Prosecution Rests

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