DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #67 Resolve To Commit, Not Quit
Ep. #67 Resolve To Commit, Not Quit

Ep. #67 Resolve To Commit, Not Quit

Update: 2020-12-30


For this final episode of the year, I talk about the process of commitment. The traditional New Years Resolution, comes with no parameters other than to "resolve" to change, usually the action. Something we think we should do to be better or healthier. We can not be successful in having a new , healthier relationship to alcohol by simply NOT DRINKING. To resolve to something is to learn a new way, to commit to a new process. This takes time. You have never become an expert at anything over night. You most certainly didn't develop a drinking habit over night. You must be compassionate with yourself and offer yourself time to learn a new way, seek new awarenesses, educate yourself with new tools and practice them until they become THE new way. There is no quick fix, but there is an easier way to UNLEAERN the habit of drinking. The first step, resolve to commit, not just quit.  It takes loving yourself more, and deep trust in the process of surrender.

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Ep. #67 Resolve To Commit, Not Quit

Ep. #67 Resolve To Commit, Not Quit

Mary Wagstaff