DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #68 How Much Is Too Much?
Ep. #68 How Much Is Too Much?

Ep. #68 How Much Is Too Much?

Update: 2021-01-06


How many times have you googled, "Am I am alcoholic"? or some version of that?  As we start seeing the illusions of the old models of power over and limiting beliefs, fade into the back ground, the invitation in the aquarian age, is to stop asking permission. You decide how much is too much. Dismantling alcohol mean stepping into your power and standing in your truth. To stop needing the right thing to say to someone when they ask why you aren't drinking. To be able to love yourself, the other AND tell the truth. The aquarian age is about living 5D, where paradox is the way of life.  It's way more fun. You don't need to break the rules, there are none. The are all illusions.  It's not either or, it's both and.  The truth is, alcohol is stripping you of your life light, your prana, your grace, the holy spirit within. Whether it's one drink a week or 20, there is an unnatural alteration. We aren't saying NO to alcohol. The future of joyful living is evolving past the need to alter ones natural state of being.

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Ep. #68 How Much Is Too Much?

Ep. #68 How Much Is Too Much?

Mary Wagstaff