DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #74 Hidden Costs Of Alcohol
Ep. #74 Hidden Costs Of Alcohol

Ep. #74 Hidden Costs Of Alcohol

Update: 2021-02-17


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”― Rumi

The Hidden Costs Of Alcohol Are Deeper When You Frame The Question With Possibility Rather Than The Status Quo. 
There is the Screw it I need to relax, but at what cost? 
One innocent night, then 20 years later and you have never asked yourself, do I really want this? What exactly do I deserve? Have I ever tried to relax on my own?

When I meet with my clients for the first time, I find out every area of their life alcohol is effecting. 
It’s been running the underground show for so long, that the status quo of low level vibrations has become the new norm. But what’s possible if alcohol wasn’t in your way?

The answer for how is alcohol impacts, work, love, sex, get’s a different answer than:
What’s possible if alcohol is no longer in your way?
From this place, a world opens that alcohol can't touch. 

To get to the bottom of problems, you have to ask different questions.
Alcohol is a problem because you keep trying to solve it with the same method: Fear, worry, regret and evidence from the past.

On today's Podcast Episode (Ep. #74)  you will take away:
-How to use these hidden costs as tools for change, rather then sources of regret.
-Understanding why you default to fear rather than possibility.
-Why we choose self sabotage over risking failure.
- The BIGGEST hidden of all and is what you need most to heal, evolve and awaken from alcohol, forever. 

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Ep. #74 Hidden Costs Of Alcohol

Ep. #74 Hidden Costs Of Alcohol

Mary Wagstaff