DiscoverAdorned PodcastEp. 76 - Matthew - Chapter 5 - verses 13-48
Ep. 76 - Matthew - Chapter 5 - verses 13-48

Ep. 76 - Matthew - Chapter 5 - verses 13-48

Update: 2019-10-24


On episode 76 of the Adorned podcast we discuss the second half of Matthew chapter 5. In this section of The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is teaching His disciples, and in turn us, that we shouldn’t live with a “what’s the least I can do to get by” attitude, but one that desires to truly love others as He does. We would love for you to join us as we continue to study God’s Word together!


“Jesus is saying that the reason for the law is to point us toward him.”

“Sin often starts with what we fix our eyes on and that leads to an unhealthy desire and actions.”

“There are times that the marriage covenant has been so defiled that it doesn’t bear any resemblance to the relationship between Christ and the church and it is a mercy to dissolve it.” -Jen Wilkin

“Let your yes be yes and let your no be no.”

“Do we really trust that God is in control and He wants what’s good for us and what brings Him the most glory?”

“God is good, God is worthy of my trust, and He holds all of this in His hands.”

“Can a person be perfect? Theoretically, the answer to that is yes. The New Testament tells us that with every temptation we meet, God gives us a way to escape that temptation. He always gives us enough grace to overcome sin. So sin in the Christian life, I would say, is inevitable because of our weakness and because of the multitude of opportunities we have to sin. But on a given occasion, it is never, ever necessary. So in that sense, we could theoretically be perfect, though none of us is.” -R.C. Sproul


Inductive Study Guide

The Church as the Light of the World sermon by Sinclair Ferguson 

When Jesus says, "Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect," does that mean we can attain perfection, and should we? by R.C. Sproul

The Village Church’s women’s Bible study on Matthew

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Ep. 76 - Matthew - Chapter 5 - verses 13-48

Ep. 76 - Matthew - Chapter 5 - verses 13-48

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