DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #76 Manage Your Mind: How To Expedite Your ETA To Drinking Less
Ep. #76 Manage Your Mind: How To Expedite Your ETA To Drinking Less

Ep. #76 Manage Your Mind: How To Expedite Your ETA To Drinking Less

Update: 2021-03-03


When it comes to changing your relationship with alcohol, your Emotions and Thoughts directly impact the rate (the ETA) at which you achieve success. 
The very specific Emotion and Thought is what’s going to drive the Action to eventually achieve the goal or result you want in life. 

In today’s episode you will learn:
*The exact process I teach my clients to maintain emotional and mental hygiene.
*How our emotions and thoughts become habitual, just like drinking, how to identify and interrupt them.
*Learn HOW to manage your mind, honor your emotions and create the formula to inspire *Action, to achieve any goal, including, changing the habit of drinking.
*Understand the thoughts getting you stuck are creating low vibrating emotions.
* How inaction is also an action and a choice.
*How to self coach yourself in any situation to get one step closer to no longer desiring alcohol.
*How to spot and interrupt habitual thought patterning that is keeping you stuck and drinking.
*Learn how to create your dreams on purpose instead of reacting to the circumstances of life.

I use the term ETA as a double meaning. It really represents your Emotions, Thoughts and Actions.  
That combination will also determine your Estimated time of arrival to your destination. Habitual ETA’s that have become your routine are often negative and fear based. Intentional ETA’s are what you MUST generate in order to achieve NEW goals and get to NEW places in your life. 
Example: After work (habitual thought pattern that you are unaware of)
Emotion: overwhelmed
Thought: Work is so stressful
Action: Drink
Result: Numb the emotion (leave the work stress until tomorrow)

Example: After work (new ETA generated on purpose)
Emotion: calm
Thought: I'm so glad I am home to relax
Action: go to bed early
Result: Feel refreshed ready to respond with grace to life

The other option is: Why is work so stressful? Why is that a problem? Is that true? Does drinking solve the REAL issues at work? 

AND... there is also simply FEELING the emotion without changing it at all. Putting your legs up the wall and breathing the day away.

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Ep. #76 Manage Your Mind: How To Expedite Your ETA To Drinking Less

Ep. #76 Manage Your Mind: How To Expedite Your ETA To Drinking Less

Mary Wagstaff