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Ep. 790 - Mueller Speaks!

Ep. 790 - Mueller Speaks!

Update: 2019-05-2963


Special counsel Robert Mueller makes a public statement. Date: 5-29-2019

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Felishia Sun

Mr Shapiro, what I don't understand is if in fact the Steele Dossier was not verified. Steele himself said he did not know then things said about Trump were true. He gave a 50/50 guess. With that in mind, why are people still referring to those as fact like you did here. Saying Trump's behavior was aggregious etc.? If the Steele reports are false, in the least, isn't it all suspect? Making any report from it just as false or unverified. How can referring to either report written on behavior or otherwise be used in discussion as true. Especially when Mueller did not conduct thorough investigations, didn't have investigations where should have, and withheld exculpatory information as well. As far as I'm concerned, the Steele Reports and Mueller Report are both fit for file #13. Half truths and twisted information makes the ENTIRE thing a lie. Any report should be held to statements made under oath. once proven to be less than truthful even by omission to change or create a certain outcome, makes that person no longer credible. Nothing further said or written can be trusted from that source. None of this discrepancy is being noticed??

Jun 10th


still waiting on my white privilege....sigh

May 30th
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Mateus Oliveira

I’ve known for years that the idea of “White privilege” would lead to this mentality that white people basically just need to wake up in the morning and their life will sort itself out and hand them a $200,000 per year job and if that doesn’t happen than the reason is that white person is a failure because with all their privilege it’s impossible to not become successful. You could see it in the way the left would blame white people (specifically white men) for EVERYTHING and then turn around and scream “POOR WHITE BOY, CRY ME A RIVER WHITE BOY”

May 29th
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Ep. 790 - Mueller Speaks!

Ep. 790 - Mueller Speaks!

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