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Ep. 797 - Biden Folds

Ep. 797 - Biden Folds

Update: 2019-06-0768


Joe Biden reverses himself on public funding for abortion, Trump reaches the verge of a major win on immigration, and we check the mailbag!

Date: 6-07-2019
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Shannon OC

It's really disappointing to see Biden flipping like this. I know it's sad to say, but I was sincerely hoping he would be able to bridge some of the divide that's been pushing the US further and further apart. That ship has sailed, obviously. I think the Democratic party is going to split sometime in the not so distant future. I've been one for most of my life, probably because my parents are.. until the party started leaning harder and harder to the left. I AM NOT a socialist, I AM NOT pro-choice (with some exception), I AM NOT for open borders, I AM NOT for abolishing the electoral college, I AM NOT an atheist, and I DO NOT think President Trump is the end of the world. But I was still a Democrat. Somehow being a moderate makes me an enemy, and makes me a racist, bigot, anti-fem. Somehow having a son, and being concerned about what I see happening to young men in our country makes me a traitor to my gender. Somehow believing that there are two different biological sexes makes me ignorant. They lost my vote and support, and I can't be the only one. For the huge ocean of Democrats running for 2020, there isn't a single one I think would make a good president. Its pretty sad, but I guess it isn't surprising. I am not going to throw my vote away just trying to "get him out", especially when Trump is actually doing a lot of good for the economy, and hopefully putting a wall between us and Mexico (*cough* get started on the wall! *cough*). For all of the children Democrats are screaming come over the boarder, theres an awful lot of heroin and cocain coming our way. Anything that puts more obstacles between us and that can't be a bad thing (I've been in recovery for 3 years, and have a very intimate understanding of this issue unfortunately). That apparently makes me a racist? Sorry for the length of this comment. Identity politics push my blood pressure up. I tried getting my mom to open her eyes, and she told me she doesn't follow politics or watch the news because it makes her nauseated, she's just going to vote Democrat like she always has. She has no idea she's literally voting for socialism. I wonder how many other life long democrats are like that. Anyway, I'm glad people like Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, and Dan Carlin exist. They are offering this even handed navigation through the chaos facing our country.

Jun 9th
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Ep. 797 - Biden Folds

Ep. 797 - Biden Folds

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