DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 837 - Is There An Epstein Conspiracy?
Ep. 837 - Is There An Epstein Conspiracy?

Ep. 837 - Is There An Epstein Conspiracy?

Update: 2019-08-1245


Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide within 24 hours of being taken off suicide watch, conspiracy theorists including President Trump jump on board, and Democrats launch a conspiracy theory of their own. Date: 08-12-2019

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Kathy Ignasiak

Look, Epstein was a sick individual. And a rich individual at that. To be taken off suicide watch, as a high profile prisoner he would have had to be realised from that watch from a psychiatrist. Did that happen? I don't know. I haven't heard. I think the man believed he everything to die for and nothing to live for. His sins were exposed and he knew it would get really, really ugly for him and others. Maybe someone told him as much and he agreed. As much as I want to believe Clinton's or some other like scum as such had a direct link to his death, they are all smarter and richer then that. I would be watching for his Madem, she will be making headlines next. As for Epstein, may he rot in hell.

Aug 20th


while I agree with just about everything Ben says, including that is was completely inappropriate for the President to be tweeting something of this persuasion out, the fact that Epstein had information that can bring some of the most powerful people in the world down and then suddenly winds up dead despite being in prison and on suicide watch- to say that it was simple suicide is laughable at best. Where there's smoke there's fire.

Aug 13th
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Brian Griffin

In this episode of "Ben Shapiro accepts the media narrative unquestioned, and calls all conservatives conspiracy theorists" we will be talking about Jeffery Epstein. Following this episode, for Mundane Monday, we will be playing "Trump is apparently working for the Russians", and other Shapiro classics such as "Oh wait, Trump isnt working for the Russians, and that has always been my stance".

Aug 13th
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It's irrelevant whether Epstein killed himself or was murdered. Because the majority of people believe he was murdered. There are deep feelings of injustice in people and there is nothing that's going to right the wrongs. The only thing institutional figures can do is double down until the populace eventually gets the nerve to do aomething.

Aug 12th
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Joshua Darst

Link appears to be broken. My audio is stuck on a loop

Aug 12th
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kevin smith

wait... whaaat. did he say he say he kicked out klavan??? fuck ben. seriuosly fuck ben. he seriuosly then went on to say tgat its a "conspiracy" that epstien died. no no it would a conspiracy to say he was still alive. but yes ben if epstien is dead then ppl conspired to let him commit suicide.

Aug 12th
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Ep. 837 - Is There An Epstein Conspiracy?

Ep. 837 - Is There An Epstein Conspiracy?

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