DiscoverThe Andrew Klavan ShowEp. 905 - The Left Left America to Burn
Ep. 905 - The Left Left America to Burn

Ep. 905 - The Left Left America to Burn

Update: 2020-06-027


Academia, Radicals, Democrats and Journalists have become the four horsemen of their dreamed-of apocalypse. Andrew discusses President Trump getting tough on looters and rioters – and why the media hate that, as well as Trump standing in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church with a bible, which the media somehow hate too. The press also would have you believe that looting and rioting are a good thing, who saw that coming? Then, Andrew bring on Jonah Goldberg to talk about their disagreements about Trump, Kayleigh McEnany and more.

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just me

jonah speaks as If trump supporters are beneath him. funny he brings up George will. I can stand George will even though I think he's wrong. jonah seems like he wants to be the gatekeeper for conservatives. it's one thing to disagree with someone but jonah is demeaning to ideas he disagrees with and he is a terrible debater.

Jun 3rd

michael eddy

This guy is obviously a l

Jun 2nd
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John Moore

The 1st amendment, Jonah. Donald Trump has the authority to open churches against the will of state governors by using the DOJ to sue states for discriminating against churches when there are clear guidelines for mitigation, all while other businesses are being allowed to reopen. The president not only has the authority, he MUST fulfill his obligation to the constitution and not allow government entities to infringe upon the rights of the American people. If I can figure that out, surely someone as smart and objective as Jonah Goldberg could answer that question if he wanted to.

Jun 2nd








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Ep. 905 - The Left Left America to Burn

Ep. 905 - The Left Left America to Burn

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