DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 949 - Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride
Ep. 949 - Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

Ep. 949 - Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

Update: 2020-02-0735


Trump celebrates his own personal Festivus with the ceremonial airing of grievances after his acquittal, Bernie gains momentum as Biden panics, and China shows that communism isn’t great at problem-solving.

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Michael Mercado

your opinion on abortion is in fact hog wash. the government has no right tell somebody what they can and cannot do with their own body. that is beyond government reach. it is up to the individuals who are having a baby to make that decision not the government. the only time I feel the woman can make the decision alone is if the babys brith is harmful to her health. stop inserting religious beliefs into government policy

Feb 8th
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Christy Parker

I was amazed how many of the Chinese people waited until the middle of the night to comment on the news of the drs death because that is the only time they can freely express themselves before the government wakes up to delete their comments. In fact the number of views reachex astronomical numbers in the millions in a short amount of time. One comment pointed at the government said it all, "You think we are asleep at night. But we aren't!"

Feb 7th








Ep. 949 - Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

Ep. 949 - Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

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