DiscoverMade To BeEp.08 // Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions
Ep.08 // Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions

Ep.08 // Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions

Update: 2020-09-26


Everybody gets knocked down in life. Sometimes our little pit stops along the journey are the places we get the most knowledge and experience. 

You don’t always know how experiences are going to lead to the next opportunity in your future. That is evident in the story of Cate Heaman the CEO of Prelude Solutions. She is the kind of person who doesn’t just take the bull by the horns she tames that bull and rides like a champion. Her tenacity is evident in any conversation you have with her. But Cate also knows that sometimes we all get lucky. Whether reclaiming her job after getting fired or re-building her business after a bad professional break-up, Cate Heaman is a fighter. On today’s episode you’ll learn what it took for her to become who she was MADE To Be.

What we cover:

  • Sometimes You Get A Little Lucky

  • Growing a Company to 45 Employees and $12 Million

  • Getting Over A Bad Business Break-Up

  • Taking Responsibility for Business Results

  • Overcoming Daily Self-Doubt

  • Rebuilding Teenage Life After Parental Divorce

  • Racing Mountain Bikes & Running Marathons

  • The Immeasurable Value of Being Certified Women-Owned

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Ep.08 // Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions

Ep.08 // Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions

Kristen Berman