DiscoverClassCast PodcastEp.082 -- Tibbens -- Reflections on Distance Learning & 2021
Ep.082 -- Tibbens -- Reflections on Distance Learning & 2021

Ep.082 -- Tibbens -- Reflections on Distance Learning & 2021

Update: 2021-12-22


ClassCast Podcast Ep.082 features host Ryan Tibbens reflecting on his experiences in an all-new distance learning program, challenges teachers faced in 2021, and how educators can move forward into 2022 with optimism and determination.

In many ways, distance learning represents one of the most common forms of innovation in schools today. Teachers and students must leverage technology, plan and perform with increased precision, and traditional schooling must be reimagined to fit 21st century tools and incredibly diverse settings. Students enroll in distance learning because they prefer the online format, have physical or mental health concerns, desire greater flexibility in scheduling, or want to travel. Teachers face all the regular pressures of school, but now the technology is even more important, the students' environments and home lives are more diverse (and more important), and engagement becomes paramount to success. Nearly halfway through the first year of non-COVID caused distance learning, host Ryan Tibbens shares his experiences and goals for this great new opportunity.

​And, since early 2020, we've been talking about and fretting over the pandemic, delivering quality instruction through various formats, responding to diverse needs, ever-increasing administrative control, and even "culture wars," all of which have tested the creativity, ability, and determination of educators and students around the world. Shortly after returning to school for the 2021-2022 school year, unprecedented tales of teacher burnout, turnover, and anxiety surfaced that should concern all community stakeholders.  How can we do better (and feel better) this year and beyond?  How can we feel fulfillment in a job that is harder and more scrutinized than ever? 

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Ep.082 -- Tibbens -- Reflections on Distance Learning & 2021

Ep.082 -- Tibbens -- Reflections on Distance Learning & 2021