DiscoverMade To BeEp.09 // Emily Morgan, Delegate Solutions
Ep.09 // Emily Morgan, Delegate Solutions

Ep.09 // Emily Morgan, Delegate Solutions

Update: 2020-11-19


When fear clouds your judgement, sometimes hope (and an affirmation or ten) is the only remedy.

Business owners all want to grow, especially early on. However, it can be overwhelming to try to tackle every single task that's necessary to do that. Enter Emily Morgan, and her company Delegate Solutions. They offer strategic support in the form of virtual assistants, to help entrepreneurs and business owners with some tasks so their clients can focus on higher impact activities.

Over 10 years ago when Emily first started this company, the idea of a "virtual assistant" was foreign to many people. These days with the various COVID-19 restrictions, "work from home" has transformed how people think about virtual or remote work.

In many ways, Emily was ahead of the curve when she started her business over a decade ago. Launched with nothing but a laptop, the necessity to provide a life for her son, and her drive to seize an opportunity, Emily has built Delegate to a team of over 35 people helping entrepreneurs all over the country succeed in their dreams.

What We Cover:

  • Balancing Motherhood & Business Ownership

  • Launching A New Business With Only A Laptop

  • Emily's "Formula" For Success = Tenacity + Vision + Support

  • What It's Like Trying To Trust New People

  • How Hope Can Help Overcome Fear

  • Abundance Mindset To Attract Money

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Ep.09 // Emily Morgan, Delegate Solutions

Ep.09 // Emily Morgan, Delegate Solutions

Kristen Berman