DiscoverWatchmenEp.7: Watchmen - 103 - Newsstand
Ep.7: Watchmen - 103 - Newsstand

Ep.7: Watchmen - 103 - Newsstand

Update: 2019-11-08


Listeners filled up the mailbag, so he's a bonus episode of Shat on TV to cover your letters. This Newsstand edition covers whether Judd Crawford's dead, steampunk junk, tons of cast notes, the Turner Diaries, Skip Gates' true claim to fame, how "Watchmen" stacks up against "Game of Thrones," the tomato tree, Adrian Veidt's mention of the Seventh Cavalry in the graphic novel, the Watchmen motion comic, and more. 

Join The King Bee and Gene Lyons for a quick rundown of all the listener mail we couldn't fit into the Deep Dive.

Watchmen Episode 3 Summary:

“She Was Killed By Space Junk” Federal agent Laurie Blake of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force is asked to investigate Judd’s murder by both the FBI and Senator Joe Keene, Jr. She tracks down the Tulsa police rounding up Kavalry suspects and learns that Judd’s funeral is in a couple of hours. She attends and makes contact with Angela. A Kavalry member wearing a suicide vest attempts to seize Joe, but Laurie kills him while Angela saves the other attendees. Later, Laurie talks to Angela, explaining that she knows about the wheelchair treads at Judd’s lynch location and the existence of his secret closet; warning her about trying to protect him. Later, Laurie uses a special phone booth to leave a message for Dr. Manhattan on Mars, a “brick joke” based on their former allies. As she leaves, Angela’s empty car drops in front of her; she looks up and, seeing Mars, laughs. Meanwhile, the Lord attempts an experiment with a Phillips clone to no avail and hunts down a bison, but is warned off by the “Game Warden”, who reminds him of the terms of his imprisonment. The Lord sends off a letter acknowledging these terms, signing it as “Adrian Veidt,” and goes out that night to hunt again in his Ozymandias outfit.

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Ep.7: Watchmen - 103 - Newsstand

Ep.7: Watchmen - 103 - Newsstand

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