DiscoverThe Stag Roar: Life Less OrdinaryEp158: Tim Kavermann; Eat What You Kill
Ep158: Tim Kavermann; Eat What You Kill

Ep158: Tim Kavermann; Eat What You Kill

Update: 2020-08-24


Eat What You Kill is an initiative founded on two guiding principles: Community and Sustainability. Our mission is to celebrate the harvesting of wild food and support those who share in this relentless pursuit of adventure. EWYK exists to be an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. Through the stories of our hunts, and what we do with our kills. We will highlight those with a deep connection to the wild and in turn nurture, educate and inspire the brave and curious who wish to follow in similar footsteps. “We the brave, seek the wild.” Community: We are a collective of like-minded hunters, divers, fishermen, and gatherers. We come from different walks of like, we invest ourselves in different pastimes but share a common goal of respecting and utilizing everything we kill. Mental and physical health will be a priority and together we will shine a light on wild harvest, support each other, share engaging stories, and create meaningful conversations. Sustainability: As a community, we can promote the sourcing and utilization of sustainable food. EWYK will create relationships with, and give back to the organizations and initiatives who have our back and look after the resources and environment, we are lucky enough to have available to us. My name is Tim Kavermann and EWYK is a consolidation of what means the most to me… I am an avid spearo, designer, photographer, foodie, and advocate for mental health. I have found and continue to develop a passion for adventure and leaving my comfort zone in search of new experiences. By visiting the unknown I have found a sense of confidence and direction. I’ve learned that it takes courage and strength to venture outside one’s norm and know that we all possess the power to be brave in our own way. For those who wander to find and sustain themselves, EWYK is for you. You are the brave who seek the wild.  website: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: Instagram: Website: Monica: 

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Ep158: Tim Kavermann; Eat What You Kill

Ep158: Tim Kavermann; Eat What You Kill

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