DiscoverThe Stag Roar: Life Less OrdinaryEp260: Jessica Turton; Ellipse Health
Ep260: Jessica Turton; Ellipse Health

Ep260: Jessica Turton; Ellipse Health

Update: 2022-10-17


Jessica Turton Dietitian & PhD Candidate Founder of @ellipse_health 🥑🧀🥩 Lead Dietitian at Centre for Gastrointestinal Health Getting Started with Low-Carb eBook ⬇️ 

Often, we happily spend money on maintaining our vehicles and homes, but are more reluctant to do so with our own bodies. While diet, exercise, and clean living can go so far, our bodies sometimes can’t keep up with demands and then injuries, aches and pains tend to become increasingly troublesome. This is because some of the vital nutrients the body uses to maintain our joints and general well-being, have become depleted. On the flipside, it’s astounding how well the body heals when it has what it needs. With Canes Deer Velvet on board, the body is refueled with amazing nutrients it uses in maintaining the immune system, bones, joints, circulation and general well-being. With the tank topped up, it can get on with the magic of healing and restoration. Find out more at and use code "STAGROAR252" for a 20% introductory discount. for your "Free Sample" Just Pay for Shipping SHARESIES INVESTING MADE EASY Ārepa. The world's smartest brain food. 100% natural. Caffeine free. Effects you can feel. Use the code "STAGROAR" at checkout for 20% off your order! Use Code STAG for 20% off! STAG20 for 20% off your Order! Modern Pirate Discount Code: stagroar = 10% Instagram Instagram Twitter Tik Tok @ryanstagoconnor Facebook Blog Website:









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Ep260: Jessica Turton; Ellipse Health

Ep260: Jessica Turton; Ellipse Health

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