DiscoverAlmost A Music PodcastEp7 - Trailblazing Your Path with Izzy Matias
Ep7 - Trailblazing Your Path with Izzy Matias

Ep7 - Trailblazing Your Path with Izzy Matias

Update: 2021-12-28


In this episode, Channa and Meg sat down for a chat with Izzy, a writer, and creative entrepreneur as she shares how music influences her creativity through her blog, self-published book, and business. Our 7th episode covered stories as music fans, musings on life transitions, and navigating pivots while trailblazing the path towards one’s alignment. Izzy shares her journey of starting a music and photography blog while being a contributing writer for an online media outlet, Philippine Concerts. 

She has grown it to become a creative business to help content creators monetize their blogs. Coming into the full circle this year, Izzy finally self-published her debut Young Adult book “The Hush Society Presents'' which ranked #1 new release in the Teen and YA music e-books category during launch week on Amazon. This book was something she has been working on since High School. Talk about illuminating dreams in real-time!

 In this episode, we also discuss how juggling university and work-life looked like while working on passion projects on the side. Izzy knew that writing has always been her dream. She shares her journey of coming at a crossroads in her career and finally decided to pursue blogging full-time. She’s had multiple edits as she finds her voice, vision, structure, and consistency while building her brand and blog. Izzy drops the most recent iteration and northern star in her content direction - sharing your bliss and “a fangirl approach to life”. This was such an insightful and fun episode!

 They discuss: 

·       Comparing the blogging era 10 years ago to what it is now

·       Writing anonymously on Tumblr and Livejournal when content creators weren’t a thing

·       Insights on blog monetization 

·       Exploring the different assets of blogging and creative entrepreneurship 

·       Tiktok, social media growth and the importance of content planning

·       Navigating writing blocks and creative burnouts

·       KPOP and the whole new world of music and fan culture

 Almost a Music Podcast is recording live on Clubhouse 

Podcast IG: @almostamusicpodcast
Hosts: @channa3x | @meggycaparas
Guest: Izzy Matias @izzmatias | @thspbook 

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Ep7 - Trailblazing Your Path with Izzy Matias

Ep7 - Trailblazing Your Path with Izzy Matias

Channa Silva & Meggy Caparas