DiscoverOpen Energy AccessEpisode 01: Devergy's Survey Toolkit
Episode 01: Devergy's Survey Toolkit

Episode 01: Devergy's Survey Toolkit

Update: 2019-09-30


The EnAccess Foundation is proud to present the first episode of a new podcast, Open Energy Access

The EnAccess Foundation is passionate about open source solutions, efficiency, and transparency in energy access. In this episode, we discuss the first project that we published - a Survey Toolkit that was developed by Devergy, a company that operates solar mini-grids in rural Tanzania.

But first, we cover the basics: Tamara Mahoney, head of marketing at EnAccess, explains the big picture issues that the energy access industry is working to solve. Rahul Barua, one of the co-founders, explains why EnAccess was started and what we do.

Next, we get into the project. We're joined by Gianluca Cescon, a co-founder of Devergy, to talk details about the project and what it means for the industry. The conversation includes some great learning experiences, tips, and the story of how an early mistake resulted in a successful (yet quite different than originally planned) project.

Finally, we discuss the realities of innovating in energy access, open source solutions, and and how we can all learn from each other. 

We've never produced a podcast before, but are hopeful that bringing some of these behind-the-scenes conversations to the public will inspire new thinking and help new organizations or entrepreneurs.

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Episode 01: Devergy's Survey Toolkit

Episode 01: Devergy's Survey Toolkit

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