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Episode 06 - Kelly Ann Ecker - Part 1

Episode 06 - Kelly Ann Ecker - Part 1

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PART #1 - On Sunday, October 5th, 2014 at 1:20 am in the morning, Terre Haute Indiana emergency dispatchers began receiving a series of frantic calls. Kelly Ann Arney Ecker had in total made 4 attempts to alert authorities to the immediate danger she found herself in. But by the time police arrived at her was too late.
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it was very hard to hear and understand her friend on the phone! narrator's voice is a good volume, phone call interviews are very quiet and muffled. Happens on other stories, anyway to fix? enjoying the stories!

Mar 27th

Jackie Mosher

if the whole relationship was like this why would she put herself in the situation of marriage which probably lead to the death of them both

May 18th

Rick Wagner

E Hult I understand what you are saying and I grew up in a violent home. my dad was violent to my mom almost daily and I was fearful all the time. She finally left him when I was 9 then the remarried and agonist killed his new wife by stabing her many times. he's in mental hospital now. I've spoken to my mom about this a lot now that I have kids. first she thought she could change him, then she didn't want to prove her own mom right but leaving him, finally she has always been very insecure most of her life and simply was afraid to be alone even though her life and her kids life were in danger daily. now that I have kids I can't imagine how damaged my kids would be by going through what I did. I was very resentful to my mom for not protecting us. If choosing to stay in a violent relationship only effects one person then I agree with you but if that person allows their kids to live in fear then the victim is just as responsible for the pain the kids suffer as the abuser. in very successful noe but I grew up with many issues including drug addiction so I see your analogy but we expect even drug addicts to accept responsibility. most domestic abuse victims had bad childhoods or insecurity issues so they feel like they deserve the suffering so while we should support them and tell them to get out right away but if they won't listen and if their kids get hurt or killed because they couldn't get out then they are just as responsible as a drunk father killing his son while driving drunk. I teach my daughters about relationships and men so hopefully they will be safe. we need to educate everyone, do everything we can to remove victims from abuse but if kids are involved we must call authorities of the victim won't leave. ultimatums just like a drug intervention must take place because you are right some victims are blind but they still need to accept responsibility like anyone with a drug problem or any issue. otherwise we enable and the cycle continues. I'm not for shaming victims and I'm a big supporter and volunteer for many domestic abuse local programs.

Feb 5th

E Hult

Jackie Mosher you just blamed the victim. Shame on you. This type of abuse becomes impossible to break due to the trauma bond created by him, the abuser! look up trauma bond. It becomes like an addiction to each others toxidity. He chose to kill her. He was the emotion abuser and he bullied her and cut her down so she felt worthless and powerless against him. Stop judging and blaming the victims of domestic abuse. That is why many of us stay silent and feel powerless!!!

Aug 28th








Episode 06 - Kelly Ann Ecker - Part 1

Episode 06 - Kelly Ann Ecker - Part 1