DiscoverSeattle Foodie PodcastEpisode 075 - Live at Seattle Cake Con
Episode 075 - Live at Seattle Cake Con

Episode 075 - Live at Seattle Cake Con

Update: 2020-02-17


On the 75th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, it's a special show as we recorded live on the first day of Seattle Cake Con located at Block 41.  We spent the whole day here at our booth and chatted with a lot of listeners of the show and met many new faces as well. Seattle Cake Con is in it's 2nd year and it's a hit for all the cake and sweet fanatics. We recap the first day and also chatted with two specials guests. Our first guest is the creator of Seattle Cake Con and owner of Cubes Baking Co. and Tres Lecheria, Kevin Moulder. Kevin sat down with us to chat about what's new this year at Seattle Cake Con in addition to how his successful businesses have evolved. Our second guest is the owner of Custard and Things, Beth Calamayan. We chatted with Beth about how she got her start as well as talked in detail about Filipino desserts, especially Fluto. For those that are unfamiliar with what Fluto is, make sure you have a listen. 

In addition, Monica and Nelson tell you about two very big events happening this week. These events includes Star Chefs Seattle Rising Stars Awards Ceremony and Tasting Gala at Block 41 and the 3-day Seattle Wine and FoodExperience, which includes the Comfort, Pop! Bubbles & Seafood, and Grand Tasting Events. We hope to see you all there!

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy our latest episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast. Happy eating, Seattle!  









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Episode 075 - Live at Seattle Cake Con

Episode 075 - Live at Seattle Cake Con

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