DiscoverSeattle Foodie PodcastEpisode 095 - Maggie Lo (@ironsteakusa/@ironsteak_redmond)
Episode 095 - Maggie Lo (@ironsteakusa/@ironsteak_redmond)

Episode 095 - Maggie Lo (@ironsteakusa/@ironsteak_redmond)

Update: 2020-07-06


On the 95th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we talk with one of the owners of Ironsteak, Maggie Lo. Ironsteak currently has two locations in Redmond and the International District and recently reopened last month in coordination with King County moving into Phase 2. Listen in as Maggie tells us about the concept of Ironsteak and what safety measures they've taken to make it a safe dining experience during Phase 2. Also, be sure to listen in as Maggie tells you what new items are being offered at Ironsteak. 

In addition, Monica and Nelson dine out together for the first time at Masala of India in Northgate. Tune in as they tell you their favorite dishes they ordered and the current specials Masala of India is currently running. 

As always, Monica and Nelson also dive in to what they ate last week. Nelson visited eateries that included Ono Poke, Quick Pack, Frankie and Jo's, and Mediterranean Kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Monica checked out Market Fishmonger, Mangosteen/Cut and Cook BBQ/Bobabar, Kidd Valley, SUSU Dessert Bar, Kau Kau, and had an epic July 4th potluck with her family. 

She also collaborated with Intentionalist and opened pay it forward tab for customers at Central Cafe and Juice Bar. 

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the latest episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast!









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Episode 095 - Maggie Lo (@ironsteakusa/@ironsteak_redmond)

Episode 095 - Maggie Lo (@ironsteakusa/@ironsteak_redmond)

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