DiscoverSeattle Foodie PodcastEpisode 099 - Suzana Olmos (@lazysusanseattle/@citizenseattle)
Episode 099 - Suzana Olmos (@lazysusanseattle/@citizenseattle)

Episode 099 - Suzana Olmos (@lazysusanseattle/@citizenseattle)

Update: 2020-08-03


On the 99th Episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we sit down with Suzana Olmos, owner of both Lazy Susan and Citizen Cafe and Campfire in Lower Queen Anne. Listen in as Suzana tells you how both these restaurants and cafes got its start and how the community of Lower Queen Anne is so special to Lazy Susan and Citizen Cafe. If you haven't been, Lazy Susan is open for takeout and specializes in Korean/Mexican Fusion or Korexican Food like Korean Pork Tacos and Beef Bulgogi Burrito while Citizen Cafe and Campfire also is available for takeout, but also has outdoor patio seating. Be sure to tune in!

In addition, Monica and Nelson recap a week that included receiving a surprise beer delivery of Curveball from Pyramid Brewing Co. They also each received a package of thick cut potato chips from Spudlove. 

As for what they ate this week, Nelson received Silvanas and Ube Burnt Basque Cheesecake from La Dulce Seattle, grabbed tacos from Xochi in Issaquah, received a dinner delivery from the California Avocado Commission and Salare Restaurant, checked out the Bellevue Farmers Market and visited Sidhu Farms, Seeking Kombucha, the Box and Burgers and Falafel Salam food trucks. He also dined at Vinason Pho and Grill and Homer with friends. 

Meanwhile, Monica had an early dinner at Citizen Cafe and Campire, sampled strawberry cheesecake ice cream bars from @annie_eatsfood, visited Oh Bear Cafe and Timeless Tea, had a sneak peak with Intentionalist at the soon to be opened Local Tide, and a mini food crawl with her son around Pike Place Market. 

There's a lot of food in this episode!

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the latest episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast!









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Episode 099 - Suzana Olmos (@lazysusanseattle/@citizenseattle)

Episode 099 - Suzana Olmos (@lazysusanseattle/@citizenseattle)

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