DiscoverBreaking Down The LawEpisode 1: Breaking Down The Law
Episode 1: Breaking Down The Law

Episode 1: Breaking Down The Law

Update: 2020-08-27


Episode #1: Let’s Break Down the Law 

For our inaugural episode of the Breaking Down The Law Podcast we're joined by Stewart J. Guss, a personal injury lawyer in Houston who specializes in car accidents resulting in injury. He's joined by Breaking Down The Law Podcast host, Ashley Rodriguez.

During today’s episode, we will be discussing who the real Stewart J Guss is and introducing the reason for the podcast and what it will be about. 

  • So, most of my clients, it's a car crash or a truck accident, but for some folks, maybe it's a marital issue. They need a family lawyer or maybe they have one too many drunk driving. You know, who knows? There are legal problems that people run into every day all the time. And the one thing that you can predict about a potential legal problem is that it is pretty unpredictable when they happen.
  • So the more that we can do with this podcast in terms of giving people a little bit of knowledge ahead of time, giving them something to think about, and maybe having them start to plan a little bit for the unexpected.
  • I have curly hair, I looked like Weird Al Yankovic. And I realized in order to be successful in the MBA program, and in the business world, I would have to cut my hair and get a real haircut. (listen to learn more)

Stewart and Ashley discuss these points and so many more, so we hope you’ll join us for this episode! You can learn more about Stewart J Guss by visiting him online at

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Breaking Down The Law Podcast with Stewart J Guss and Ashley Rodriguez!  

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Episode 1: Breaking Down The Law

Episode 1: Breaking Down The Law

Stewart J Guss