Episode 1: Trip 19

Episode 1: Trip 19

Update: 2022-10-10147


It started with a plane crash. The tragic, mysterious crash of a commercial airliner in the summer of 1940 left a scene of devastation in rural Virginia -- and a series of unanswered questions. The cause of the crash was unclear. Among the dozens of people killed was a sitting U.S. senator. His presence on the flight and the strange circumstances surrounding the crash would end up revealing threats to American democracy itself.

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Erik Beckman

OK, I'm hooked now after just 1 episode!

Dec 8th
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Chips Fowler

Amazing first episode. Hopefully we can learn from this as it seems we continue to head down these paths every few years.

Nov 3rd

LaSandra Lee

Does anyone else think that there might be a cipher on the "note to self"? 1234567891011121112 ?????

Oct 17th

Maryse Day

Holy cow!!! It's just an amazing story. I got chills. You are the most amazing story Teller. Your delivery is extremely, tremendously, and strikingly unprecedented. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ Pure gold.

Oct 16th

Jackie Plunkett

amazing story!

Oct 12th

Rick Lund

Leave it to Rachel and crew to find a piece of history that I was unaware of and still completely relevant to current events. Who knew there were two anti war Minnesota Senators who died in plane crashes, one a Nazi sympathizer and the other simply not convinced by the false evidence. Looking forward to the next six episodes.

Oct 12th


Very interesting story, but I find over a half-hour of pizzicato string plucking truly annoying. It is such a shop-worn style as to be a clichรฉ. I coild not tune it out and with about ten minutes left I lost track of the story and coild only hear the music. I would rather read the transcript of these rather than to have to put up with this anymore.

Oct 12th

Bard Groupie

So happy to hear her again and what a perfect investigative report in our super weird times. love her shows!!!!

Oct 12th

Tino Barbati

I love Rachel, she finds stories that help warn us all. Crucial stories. Being armed with facts and history leaves less room for the propaganda and lies that so many have become exposed to. History enlightens us about what happens in the absence of truth ... Democracy and freedom can be taken for granted and very disastrous things could happen. Spread the light and not the darkness.

Oct 11th
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Episode 1: Trip 19

Episode 1: Trip 19

Rachel Maddow, John Flannery, Kelsey Desiderio, Bradley Hart, Nancy Beck Young