DiscoverLinkedAuthority PodcastEpisode 10: What Makes Our Agency Unique
Episode 10:  What Makes Our Agency Unique

Episode 10: What Makes Our Agency Unique

Update: 2019-11-26


00:00           I get asked a lot about how we're different than what's being done internally at businesses. And I also get asked quite often how we are different than other providers out there proposing to do the same thing. There's a lot of noise out there offering to 10X revenue with lead gen....for 12 cents an hour or something crazy like that. So let's start with the internal efforts. Thought Leadership, social selling, the modern selling is an effort that is over a long period of time and it has to be sustained. It is something that the marketing and sales team don't do on a consistent basis, especially the sales team. Sales, and I am a recovering sales rep, so I can speak to this, sales gets burned out if they're doing too much education. They all want more inertia and the deal.

01:01           So ideally a sales rep is brought in once the prospect is leaning in and it's up to marketing's role to educate before that point. But what's missing is that the Thought Leader in the organization is the one that needs to deliver the information and build the messaging and build the relationships, because that's who prospects want. They want to know Founder of the company. They want to have that personal connection. They don't want to know how smart you are or how many other businesses that you've started. Prospects want to know that you care about them and that you understand their problems and you know how to solve them. And maybe that's a backstory to why you started the company. These are the critical areas. I think a lot of internal marketing teams, pop up Thought Leadership in a different, more generic way.

02:02           They will post fromthe person's profile, just an article. An article share on LinkedIn, a company article share or something like that. This is missing the mark altogether, because you're not building that one to one relationship on a one to many scale. That's a big difference. And the sales team isn't going to do that kind of effort on a consistent basis. This has to be a consistent effort to make it work. In terms of how we're different from all the other noise out there...and there's a lot, I compete with it every day. First, get on the phone with these people. Do they speak English? Are they college graduates? Do they focus on technology? Do they focus on the leadership? And what are the tactics? Is it just cold calling? Cold calling doesn't work. And is it just a list that they're calling from?

03:02           How targeted is that list? And they are trading time for money, that's a big red flag. And if you're trading a lead for money, that's a big red flag, because they're not going to take the time to do it right. So our approach is a Done-For-You campaign and we focus just on leadership and technology. Plus we are LinkedIn Certified Consultants. We do it the right way. We do it consistently. We have a weekly meetings and with that, you have 100% transparency in what we're doing. There's no smoke and mirrors. There's no wodering what we're doing and how we're spending our time. And that is a big, big difference. If any of that resonated or piqued your curiosity, I would love to speak with you. Just click the link below, answer some questions, and we can get on the phone and talk more. All right, take care. Bye.









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Episode 10:  What Makes Our Agency Unique

Episode 10: What Makes Our Agency Unique

Tracey Fudge