Episode 10 | Guest: Erin Goodpipe

Episode 10 | Guest: Erin Goodpipe

Update: 2022-08-11


Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the world right now, but knowing how to make a difference can be tricky. Joining us in conversation today is Erin Goodpipe, a multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and researcher from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation. She shares her story of being the first in her family to graduate from high school, learning that education far extends beyond what we learn in the four walls of a classroom along the way. You’ll hear why she prioritizes putting herself in indigenous spaces, and how she goes about honoring the relationship we have with everything around us in her daily life. Erin tells us all about the theatre work she has done with the Making Treaty 4 Collective, which they were invited to perform at the Globe Theatre. We explore the way that stories inform culture as we live them out, the unconventional introduction to theatre that led her to work in it today, as well as what she gained from the theatre-making experience. We talk about the pivotal period of youth, how to engage with youth work in a meaningful way, and Erin fills us in on her latest projects to look out for. Join us to hear more today!

Key Points From This Episode:

•    Today’s guest: Erin Goodpipe, multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and researcher.

•    Her educational background, studying Indigenous Education to Masters level, and film.

•    Erin’s work as a television host on the Other Side on the ATP Network.

•    Erin introduces us and welcomes us to the episode in her language.

•    The belief her community has had in her which she wants to carry forward for others.

•    Her experience being the first one to finish high school in her family. 

•    What she has learned about education: that it goes beyond the four walls of a classroom.

•    Why she chooses to prioritize putting herself in indigenous spaces. 

•    How she goes about honoring the relationship we have with everything in daily life.

•    Why youth is a significant period of life: a time to find out how you are connected to others.

•    The work she is doing with the Making Treaty 4 Collective which she was invited to perform at the Globe Theatre.

•    Why stories are powerful and how they create culture as we live them out.

•    Her unconventional introduction to theatre during her studies through her former boss.

•    The experience of creating theatre that went far beyond the performance element.

•    Erin’s ideas to make the art scene in Canada more inclusive: resources, space, and funding. 

•    Building trust and committing to relationships and ‘ongoingness’ as you engage with people.

•    Holistic learning: engaging with the mental, emotional, and physical through experience.

•    The projects she is currently working on: Treaty Road on ATP, and Sir John A at the Globe.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Episode 10 | Guest: Erin Goodpipe

Episode 10 | Guest: Erin Goodpipe

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