DiscoverThe 3 PillarsEpisode 10 – Tim Van Beveren (Part 1)
Episode 10 – Tim Van Beveren (Part 1)

Episode 10 – Tim Van Beveren (Part 1)

Update: 2019-05-30



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Guest Speaker – Tim Van Beveren (TVB)

Tim van
 is a
journalist, photographer, cameraman, and filmmaker. He has been involved in the
media industry for more than 30 years and has played an important role as
author, director, and co-worker in the development of several award-winning
film and television productions (including the German Federal Film Award, New
York Festivals, International Great Lakes Film Festival and others).

Since the
end of the 1980s, he has also reported from crises and war zones, e.g. the
popular uprising in Nepal (1989), Kurdistan and Afghanistan. He accompanied the
Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt at the
end of 1990 on his successful humanitarian mission to Iraq in order to reach
the release of the Germans and other citizens of dictator Saddam Hussein who
were kept in “strategic sites” as “human shields”. Before and after he reported
as a correspondent on behalf of private and public TV providers from the crisis
area of the Gulf (1990-1991) and later the Balkan conflict in the former
Yugoslavia (1991-1995). Van Beveren himself became a direct witness to the
conflicts of the modern era. From 1998 to 2005 he lived and worked as a TV and
print correspondent in the USA since 2008 he lives in Berlin.

Nominations and awards : 1986 nominated for the
Max-Ophüls-Award / 1988 federal film-award for participating in “Das
Treibhaus“ / 1996 gold medal at the New York Festivals for the TV-documentary “Fear
is included in the Airfare – a crash and its consequences“ (ARD) /2015 total of
four international awards for the documentary “Unfiltered breathed in – the Truth
about Aerotoxic Syndrome” / 2016 and 2017 awarded with several honorable mentions
by IPA and Monochrome Awards / 2018 best documentary made by or about women at
Alive Doc International Festival at Los Angeles for “Women Composers” / 2019 best
documentary feature at 10th World Music and Independent Film Festival at
Washington DC for “Women Composers”

Tim van Beveren Bio


Languages: :
German, English, Italian, French, Dutch

: German

Works as: : journalist and editor (economics, law, consumers, specialized in aviation and space, technology and environment, investigative reporter, TV- and radio-producer, cameraman (DP) expert for aircraft accidents, media coach, teacher for
journalism, photography and filmmaking, director.

Specials: : private pilot (PiC + 6.500 hr), scuba-diving, digital and analog camera- and editing systems (AVID, FCP, FCP X), helicopter based aerial videography
(FLIR) and remote controlled drones, investigative research, computer systems
and applications (Apple and Windows), photoshop, web-design and social media,

1982 – – 1986 Studies of Law at Rh. Friedrich-Wilhems-Universität, Bonn

1982 – –
1984 Internship News Desk, free-lance author Stadtfernsehen Videobonn (became
later DFA) camera, editor, studio-director

1984 – –
1986 movie “Jannan – the extradition“ (script, director, producer)

1986 – –
1989 Studies of Art in Urbino, Italy – film editing in Rome

Since 1989 working for : : DW, ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3SAT, RTL, SAT 1, VOX, PRO 7, RAI, NRK, KRO, CBS, NBC, Phönix, ABC Australia, DDP, SFR, ORF as well as private
production companies with the following formats: news, economics, science,
current affairs, aviation, documentaries

1996 – –
2005 correspondent in the USA for Swiss media productions

Since 2005 back in Germany, author, editor, producer and DoP for private and public owned broadcast and print media, media-coach, guest lecturer for
photography and digital media, int’l coordinator and supervising art director
for the necropolis-project, filmmaker

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Episode 10 – Tim Van Beveren (Part 1)

Episode 10 – Tim Van Beveren (Part 1)

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