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Episode 100 with Special Guest Asterios Kokkinos

Episode 100 with Special Guest Asterios Kokkinos

Update: 2021-01-22


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We’ve reached 100 episodes! Seriously, this is an amazing achievement. And as such, I reached out to Internet comedian, podcaster, corn maze enthusiast, and occasional bee impersonator Asterios Kokkinos for comment. Strangely enough, he said that he’d love to be on the show. in fact, his email to us about it read

- Asterios

So we had him on, as much for our own enjoyment as for yours, dear listener/reader/person/thing/corporeal entity (delete as appropriate).

In America they call me "The Corn Maze Guy"
- Asterios
Since some people won’t know who Asterios is, I present you with “The Loudest Podcast”. It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I enjoy it. It’s the right level of madcap insanity for me. And if you’re not into TLP, then I’m convinced that you’ll be into Jacked which is a Cyberpunk pen-and-paper adventure podcast. If you’re interested in the new Cyberpunk game and podcasts then you will be into this!

Because Asterios didn’t have a huge amount of time, we decided to do a whistle-stop tour through some of our segments.

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Episode 100 with Special Guest Asterios Kokkinos

Episode 100 with Special Guest Asterios Kokkinos

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