DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 109: Blanca Perdomo
Episode 109: Blanca Perdomo

Episode 109: Blanca Perdomo

Update: 2022-06-26


When I first saw the work this woman was doing, I was impressed and in awe of her ambition. Not only was Blanca reaching a new audience, she was doing it in a different language. For the Latin communities, MLM's are an epidemic of affinity fraud and theft by deception, so learning there was someone who was filling the gaps in the education of the movement filled me with pride. While Blanca was lucky enough to avoid joining one, she's been pitched and preyed upon too many times to count. We dive into culture, education, politics and the "deslumbrado" of the promise of living your wildest dreams.

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The Pandemic Leaves more Latinos Vulnerable to Illegal Pyramid Schemes -

Latino Entrepreneurs Need Federal Protection from Pyramid Schemes -

MLMs: Predatory Scams or Entrepreneurial Opportunities? -

Multi-Level Marketing Companies Profit Off of Economic Exploitation -

An Inside Look at the the Day Without Immigrants Demonstration in DC -

Carlos Eduardo Espina's TikTok -

Dr. Steven Hassan's BITE Model -

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick -

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Episode 109: Blanca Perdomo

Episode 109: Blanca Perdomo

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