DiscoverLinkedAuthority PodcastEpisode 11: History of LinkedAuthority
Episode 11:  History of LinkedAuthority

Episode 11: History of LinkedAuthority

Update: 2019-11-26


00:01           I think it's important for you to understand how the LinkedAuthority Method came about. That's the service is we're offering. So here's a little story. I w headed for law school and was siting in a bar. Imagine that? Having a beer with a friend of mine and I said, "Gosh, I really don't want to go to school anymore. I'm burned out!" And she looked over and she said, "Well, you should go sell this stuff called software" And said "what the hell is software?" She said, "I don't know. I think it goes on hardware". So that gives you an idea about how long ago that was. So I made a couple of calls the next day. I'm like, hell, you can make decent money doing the software stuff! And there's not a lot of girls selling it!

00:55           I'm going to go run, do that. And there I went. And I was in technology sales and went out to California, did the whole IPO. Actually did three IPOs and of course thought I was going to retire and was a humbled very quickly and cae crawling back to Atlanta years later. But the point that I, I've been in technology sales. I was in technology sales a long, long time in various roles, always responsible for revnue, bringing in new leads, bringing in logos and closing deals. And I was very good at closing actually. But fast married and had kids and got to a point where, you know, the big bang happens. And I think we all have our turn when that happens. And what happened was that I went through a divorce and three months after that got settled, I as diagnosed with breast cancer.

02:00           So the only reason I say that is that I was like, "Holy cow, I've got to do something!" You know, I was already sort of burned out anyway on corporate America. I had seen a lot of brilliant people do these startups and businesses and said "I want to go do that. I think I can go do that!" And I really needed a time to heal and do my own thing, so to speak. So I had always had these grand visions of a building. Well, I paint, so I'm an artist, so I've got this artistic side and I've got this science and math side, so both sides of my brain works. It was kinda crazy. But I had always had these great visions of designing these, these websites, and I thought, "Oh, I can start a business and I can, I can go and build websites and I can do this SEO stuff and this PPC stuff and I can do all that..."

02:53           And off I went and I realized "Oh my God, I don't, I don't have any clients; I don't know how I'm going to get clients." And I didn't have a lot of money or a lot of runway. So the, the, the point I'm trying to make is that the LinkedAuthority method was a method I came up with to survive, to grow my Thrive Ad Agency. Right. And, had put, I'd had this, I had a great database of LinkedIn connections, in the technology space and had a lot of leadership connections. And I thought "Well, I know those and I know about tech. Infusionsoft had just come out and I know about a little bit of this tool and a little bit of that tool. So I put it together and I created the method and the method has been improved.

03:43           Of course, I've, it's keeps getting better. You know, I stay up in the middle of the night, three o'clock in the morning thinking about how I can get it better. And it does, it keeps getting better, but it is a, a method to go out and say to the world, what you're doing and then nurture that relationship to the point to where when they're ready, they're going to think of you. And it is that, that's what we lead with. I actually don't sell website design or SEO or PPC, so I should change the name of the company to LinkedAuthority. But but that's the, that's the method. And that's what we sell. And that sort of the backstory. I don't know if that's, if that's interesting, but people do ask, you know, "how did you get into this









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Episode 11:  History of LinkedAuthority

Episode 11: History of LinkedAuthority

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