DiscoverSeattle Foodie PodcastEpisode 114 - Tasha and Ronny (@thechinolatinaway)
Episode 114 - Tasha and Ronny (@thechinolatinaway)

Episode 114 - Tasha and Ronny (@thechinolatinaway)

Update: 2020-11-16


On the 114th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we're chatting with Tasha and Ronny of @thechinolatinaway, formerly @chinoychinaeats. Ronny and Tasha recently hosted their second Papi Chino Pop-Up at Cafe Opla and it was a hit serving Cuban inspired food and drinks. As foodies in Seattle, listen in as they talk about the difference between the food scene in Miami versus Seattle. Also, Ronny tells us what he's been cooking up for Tasha while they've been at home these past few months. 

In addition, it's our Thanksgiving Extravaganza Episode! Tune in as Nelson provides you with 4 options to purchase Thanksgiving Dinners and Turkeys to-go while Monica gives you several options to get pies around Seattle before Thanksgiving.

Moreover, Monica and Nelson also checked out a new spot for lunch on Aurora Ave called Hangry Panda.

As for what they ate this week, Nelson went on a Kent food crawl, which included Egghole and Nana's Southern Kitchen. He also stopped by Sip and Smile for their new Chicken Apple Delight sandwich, dined at the new outdoor area at Dock and Drink at the Hyatt in Lake Washington, checked out the La Dulce Pop-Up, ordered lunch from Sam Choy's Poke to the Max, grabbed coffee at Coffeeholic, and picked up Lao Sausage at Vientiane Grocery Market and Banh Mi's at Q Bakery.

Meanwhile, Monica visited Seattle Cinnamon Roll twice, grabbed takeout from Twisted Cuban Cafe and Kiriba Sushi, had beverages from Dutch Bros and Fick's Hard Seltzer. 

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the latest episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast!









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Episode 114 - Tasha and Ronny (@thechinolatinaway)

Episode 114 - Tasha and Ronny (@thechinolatinaway)

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