DiscoverCoCoTALK!Episode 115 Part b - CoCo Forever Screening Party Contest
Episode 115 Part b - CoCo Forever Screening Party Contest

Episode 115 Part b - CoCo Forever Screening Party Contest

Update: 2019-07-06


Recovering from a power loss

Today we'll announce a very special opportunity to join a private screening of the entire series of CoCoForever, created by D. Bruce Moore, and we'll hear from the cast, crew, and consumes of the series. A few special guests will also be invited, send an email to with your entry, telling us _WHY_ you should attend the private screening.

Join the live panel on ZOOM:

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News stories for July 6 show:
1) Jeff Teunissen (Deek on Discord) has started a public github for ALL C source code for OS9/NitrOS-9 (past and present), and includes parts of the C compiler itself. This is very much an ongoing work in progress, so if this is of interest to you, keep checking in on it periodically. He is also wanting anyone with C source code for OS-9/NitrOS-9 projects that he has not been able to find, to sent them to him and he will include them on his Github. As of July 3, in addition to the C compiler itself, he also has other language whose compilers were written in C (like Forth09 and XLisp), as well as enhanced utilities (like Help & CUTS).

2) Ron Klein has an experimental (translation: expect bugs!) CocoPI3 git repo, so that the CocoPI3 can get automatic updates. Details & instructions here:

3) Tony Cappellini shared some photos he had taken at one of the Color America Fests, held in the southern California around the mid-1980's. Steve Bjork makes a guest appearance, and has a photo shoot with a Quadrunner (I think some of these photos ended up in his interview with Color Computer Magazine). They also hooked the quad up so that it could literally control Steve's game Desert Rider (released by Tandy/Radio Shack). One of the Wayne Technologies CP/M cards makes an appearance, as well as other hardware and software. There is also a Q&A session with some local Coco luminaries of the time, that Tony would like help identifying.

4) Allen Huffman gets a shoutout for his version of the Zimodem firmware (originally by Bo Zimmerman for the Commodores) for Simulant's Retro Wifi SI (Wifi RS-232 serial modem). (See notes at end)

5) Erico Monteiro has been working on sample semi-graphics animated artwork (all fully compatible with real hardware), including a mock-up of a Street Fighter II type game.

6) Mat Chy is making a utility to help mix text scanlines for the Semigraphics-24 mode (like Protectors II did for the people you are rescuing), and has a video showing it:
And he has an animated GIF demo of it doing a kung-fu type game, as well as additional screenshots of experiments:
And he also released a video showing an SG12 demo with a character running between rooms, with some automapping as well:

7) CocoMech keyboard installation video by Ed Snider - shows how to install it.

8) Evan Wright has found software author Robert G. Kilgus, who has a book out called "An Inside Look at Microfiles", which goes into the thinking (and includes source) for his TRS-80 Model I/III program "Microfiles". Robert also did some of the earliest Coco programming as well, and seemed to favour 3-dimensional games (Quasar Commander, Dino Wars, Skiing, Color Cubes), and he also did the Disk Edtasm+ package.

9) Glenside has published their latest newsletter, which includes a lot of pictures and info from the CocoFest in May:

10) Blair Leduc has released an updated Visual Studio code for 6x09 assembly language (0.2.0).

11) And speaking of SG modes, Mat Chy shared a video of an SG Tile editor he has been working on. Erico has been active in the comments of that thread as well.

12) Ken Reighard has released a new game "Nightmare Highway", with a great little commercial.

13) James Diffendaffer has a video demonstrating the speedup he has done to MC-10 BASIC in the SIN/COS functions, and how BASIC keeps track of it's current line. He says that most programs get an 8% speed increase, but math intensive get up to 44% faster (as this video shows).








Episode 115 Part b - CoCo Forever Screening Party Contest

Episode 115 Part b - CoCo Forever Screening Party Contest

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