DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 117 : Shelley Nelson
Episode 117 : Shelley Nelson

Episode 117 : Shelley Nelson

Update: 2022-08-21


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In memory of Bruce A. Craig, Esq.

Do you remember what MLM's were like BEFORE the invention of social media? RSVP's, carbon copy receipts, and hands on activities? Maybe you got a Mary Kay makeover, or made a Creative Memories scrapbooking page? Whatever it was it looked a whole lot different than the MLM Parties of today. Join Shelley and I on a walk down 1990-2000's MLM memory lane, to simpler, much more complicated times.

Show Notes

Remembering Bruce A. Craig, Esq -

Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Schemes in the United States: An Historical Analysis -

Cultish by Amanda Montell -

Dr. Steven Hassan's BITE Model -

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick -

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Episode 117 : Shelley Nelson

Episode 117 : Shelley Nelson

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