DiscoverSeattle Foodie PodcastEpisode 117 - Sena Wheeler (@senasea_seafoods)
Episode 117 - Sena Wheeler (@senasea_seafoods)

Episode 117 - Sena Wheeler (@senasea_seafoods)

Update: 2020-12-07


On the 117th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we're chatting with Sena Wheeler, one of the owners of Sena Sea Wild Alaskan Fish. Sena, along with her husband, Rich, run this 3rd generation Alaska fishing family-owned business. Known for their high quality fish products including Copper River Salmon and Sablefish/Black Cod, they are deliver fresh seafood directly to your home. Listen in as Sena tells you how Sena Sea Wild Alaskan Fish originated and how their business has pivoted from farmers markets to online ordering during these past several months. 

In addition, Monica and Nelson also received a delivery from Sena Sea Wild Alaskan Fish and they review everything that was in the package as well as how they prepared some of the fish in the kitchen. 

As for what they were eating this week, Nelson went to Bellevue Square to check out Me + Crepe, rejoiced with Monica about the return of the McRib from McDonald's, picked up cookies from Low Rider Backing Co., grabbed Uni from Seattle Fish Guys, had Japanese Curry at Yoroshiku for the Suika/Rondo/Tamari Bar pop-up, and grabbed street tacos from the Bandidos Food Truck.

Meanwhile, Monica visited Nacho Mama's for their special Cantonese BBQ Pork Nachos, made another stop to Piroshky Piroshky, got free delivery from Wing Stop, ordered more Kukuruza popcorn, checked out the Sweet Nothings and More Pop-Up at Bells Cookie Co., and had burgers at the new Shake Shack in U-Village. 

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the latest episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast!









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Episode 117 - Sena Wheeler (@senasea_seafoods)

Episode 117 - Sena Wheeler (@senasea_seafoods)

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