DiscoverLinkedAuthority PodcastEpisode 12: Look at Thought Leadership Process In Detail
Episode 12:  Look at Thought Leadership Process In Detail

Episode 12: Look at Thought Leadership Process In Detail

Update: 2019-11-26


00:01           So let's talk about the exact process of the method and let's sort of walk through that because it's interesting... When I get onto these demo calls, it's hard to demo. It's hard to "demo" what we do because it's not a product per se. So let's walk through it. The first thing I do, and I had to learn the hard way on this to really interview my client before they even sign. So I want to learn what their style is and if they are okay, with being on LinkedIn and putting themselves "out there", because a lot of leaders are behind, you know, they were the engineers or something behind.Behind the business itself. And it's difficult for them to go and to be a Thought Leader and to put themselves out there. If that doesn't work and we can't find another right hand man or right hand woman to do that, then it won't work.

01:10           So I do do a lot more vetting than I did before. So if I understand, if all things are good and we understand expectations and that part of the interview process is done and they vetted me and I vetted them, then the next step and the very first thing we do is understand who do you want to go after with your message. And it's, it's not a one question, it's really an all encompassing question. And I like to look at it from a point of "painting a picture". So paint me a picture of who you want to go after and why. What makes you unique and what is that story? So we've got to make sure that the, the niche, well that's the other key part. If you're not willing to niche down and go after one segment, you can't help everybody, you've got to niche it down and we've got to go after a sub-segment of the, of the world with your solution and with your product.

02:16           So once we figure that out and we understand that they are on LinkedIn, because not everybody is on LinkedIn, then we figure out what your message looks like and what problem are you solving for? And once we do that, we do an asset audit or a content audit. Is there any content that's already been written around this? Can we re-purpose it? What does that look like? Are there articles, PDFs, are there previous webinars that we can look to? What does that content look like? So that we can map a buyer's journey. Because everybody's going to go through a journey, and you've probably heard this.... There is the, the world that's, that's probably aware, but they're not aware of you. That's a different message than someone who is aware of the problem and is aware of you and they are at that stage of actually evaluating you and maybe your competitor.

03:19           So that's a different message. So we map out the content to the buyers' journey and we figured out who that buyer target is that we're going to go after. And then we start looking at your database of your connections, the existing one. And either we analyze what you've, what you have currently or we look to build a new one or both. And sometimes those happen in parallel. You absolutely need Sales Navigator for any of those to work because we go in and we build a list(s) inside of sales navigator and we tag and we create a list for leads and lists for our accounts and we set up the news-feeds to appear certain ways so that we're engaging al the time in your news-feed on both platforms. That takes probably two to four weeks. That's a lot longer than you think! I've summarized it as quickly as I can.

04:18           So we've, we've decided on the target niche, we've decided on the message, we've decided on the journey that we're going to take them through and we've decided on that call to action, whether that call to action at the end, is to get on a phone call with you or attend a webinar or go to a workshop or something else. Then we start doing the invitations through LinkedIn and you start strategically inviting the









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Episode 12:  Look at Thought Leadership Process In Detail

Episode 12: Look at Thought Leadership Process In Detail

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