DiscoverWHYLD - Podcast for Bold Authentic PeopleEpisode 12 - Loving 2-4-1 - Chris, Sven and Andy
Episode 12 - Loving 2-4-1 - Chris, Sven and Andy

Episode 12 - Loving 2-4-1 - Chris, Sven and Andy

Update: 2021-04-18


Can you imagine sharing life with more than one partner? 

Find the love of your life, get married, buy a house, have kids. This default notion of a desirable, successful path in life is a common theme in society. In this picture, a monogamous “escalator” type relationship plays a central role. 

However, vowing sexual exclusivity to, loving and living with one partner only is not the sole option. It is estimated that about 4-5 % of people living in the U.S. are practising a consensual non-monogamous lifestyle (CNBS News 2019).  

In this episode, you’ll get to know three men who, this year, celebrate their 25th anniversary of living and loving together. We’ll talk about how Chris and Sven (also known as Kris) fell in love with Andy, got him to leave the UK and move in with them in Wellington, New Zealand. Here, they live in a beautiful, unique house in the so-called Wellywood Hills. For decades, they have been sharing their lively home with family, friends, travellers seeking bed and board in exchange for their helping hand, and holiday guests of their little homestay business (Koromiko Homestay). 

Their unusual lifestyle alongside their open nature has inspired many people over the years to be true to themselves and proudly lead a life on their terms. There is a lot to learn from the Koromiko Trio who, between one another, share a wide spectrum of passions ranging from conservation work, gardening, active outdoor adventures, music, community contribution, art & design.

Whether to you, this brief description sounds like a life to be excited about or one you cannot imagine for yourself… jump on board for this conversation. An authentic, deeply fulfilling life does not necessarily require following societal norms - though this may take courage and earnest self-reflection. 

It is through the expansion of our comfort zones that we learn and grow the most.

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Episode 12 - Loving 2-4-1 - Chris, Sven and Andy

Episode 12 - Loving 2-4-1 - Chris, Sven and Andy

Tina Hewelt