DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 122 : Jeannette Holian
Episode 122 : Jeannette Holian

Episode 122 : Jeannette Holian

Update: 2022-09-25


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*Content Warning - this episode mentions about trauma, mental health, miscarriage, and disordered eating. Please use discretion when listening.*

Jeannette was a Diamond Coach during her 5 year stint in Beachbody, running the MLM rat race with undiagnosed ADHD, chasing the dopamine fueled high of being a top BossBabe. I also struggled with undiagnosed ADHD while in MLM, chasing the same fix and so I wondered, Is there a connection between MLM and Neurodivergency? Jeannette and I talk about the similarities between our journeys with ADHD, how MLMs and social media played a part, and what healthy boundaries and personal privacy in a digital space looks like.

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Cultish by Amanda Montell -

Dr. Steven Hassan's BITE Model -

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Episode 122 : Jeannette Holian

Episode 122 : Jeannette Holian

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