DiscoverOverwhelm is OptionalEpisode 123: The Power of Mini Adventures
Episode 123: The Power of Mini Adventures

Episode 123: The Power of Mini Adventures

Update: 2022-06-21


You know all those adventures you're postponing?

Like trekking in Nepal

A weekend at Bedruthan Spa

Kayaking the River Wye

The things you worked really hard to be able to have the money to do

Yes, those things that are somewhere hidden by your current 'temporary' overwhelm

The current 'temporary' overwhelm that seems to be hanging around longer than expected

The kind of life-crushing overwhelm that means you never get around to repotting that plant let alone organise that adventure you meant to have had by now!

You still want those things?

You miss that fun, silly, adventuress!!

You want her back?!

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Episode 123: The Power of Mini Adventures

Episode 123: The Power of Mini Adventures

Heidi Marke