DiscoverLoreEpisode 128: A Hole in the Head
Episode 128: A Hole in the Head

Episode 128: A Hole in the Head

Update: 2019-10-2868


Most of our life is spent looking for things. Companionship, security, even our lost keys. But above all of that is our search for answers, and the way human beings have tried to find them has lead to all manner of frightening situations.

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Comments (7)

Shreyas Shriwastav An article I had read a while ago by Curiosity on the "trail by fire." An interesting read, I must say.

Nov 5th

Sarah Robinson

how do we know the guy was really guilty and what really happened? did he write it before he died?

Nov 4th

Gordy Jorgenson

hey its that guy from that old extreme top10 nature show

Oct 31st
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Im learning English, and these podcasts are really useful not only for my English, but also for my knowledge, and also i like the way you lead the story, thanks♥️

Oct 30th
Reply (2)
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Episode 128: A Hole in the Head

Episode 128: A Hole in the Head

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