DiscoverLoreEpisode 129: Digging Deep
Episode 129: Digging Deep

Episode 129: Digging Deep

Update: 2019-11-1160


The longer humans stay in one place, the more progress and community we seem to create. But at the same time, we bring our darkness with us, and over time it begins to stain a place with shadows of pain and tragedy. And the older the city, the darker the mark.

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Comments (4)

Sherri DeArmond

Great podcast. 5 stars. Many topics an very factual. I've learned about things I've hear mentioned an things I've never heard of. I plan to get the comics as well as I love to read! Thanks for helping me get through my work day! kentuckygirl.

Jan 21st

Pedro Abreu

The room may have had a carbon monoxide leak. It gives hallucinations and panic until it suffocates you. Things gor better when people went up maybe because doors were oppened. It would be interesting to see if the deaths happened in Winter, Late Autumn or Early Spring since that's when people used to burn wood or oil for heat.

Nov 14th

vinayak pandey

One of the most brilliant and spine chilling episodes. Great work.

Nov 12th

Dana Pellegrino

The part about Bouddica reminded me of Daenerys. I wonder if George R. R. Martin was inspired by her or if it's just a coincidence.

Nov 11th
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Episode 129: Digging Deep

Episode 129: Digging Deep

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