DiscoverYourArtsyGirlPodcastEpisode 13: Gregory Phillips
Episode 13: Gregory Phillips

Episode 13: Gregory Phillips

Update: 2019-04-22


This episode takes us to Los Angeles where I got a chance to talk to Dr. Gregory Phillips.  It was his exquisite photography that caught my eye and prompted me to reach out him.  You will be amazed, just as I was, when I learned he has lived a rich life and the courage it took for him to stand for his conviction as an artist with a vision.

Dr. Gregory Phillips is a former English professor, who six years ago decided to leave teaching and pursue his life as an artist. He was living and teaching in Minnesota and woke up one cold, winter day and decided to move to Los Angeles to chase his dream to be an actor. That summer, he packed his car and headed west. It was the best decision he's ever made, he said. He's also a writer and photographer. In terms of his photography, it started as a hobby, some fifteen years ago. Shortly after starting, it became clear that he has an eye. Photography for him is a way to document the things he sees. When he first started making pictures, his subjects were mainly flowers, in color. One day, he started shooting black and white and a new world opened up for him. His hope is that when people see his photos, they have the same reaction: be moved and understand that no matter how dark the moment may be, there's always light. 

You can contact him and see more of his photos by following him on his Instagram: @cgregoryp

 black and white photo of an alley way

black and white photograph of a Japanese garden and foot bridgeblack and white photograph of women on a cobble street

black and white photograph of a man in a restaurant boothblack and white photograph of a drug addict squatting on the floor of a bathroomblack and white photograph of rustic park benches

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Episode 13: Gregory Phillips

Episode 13: Gregory Phillips