Episode 13

Episode 13

Update: 2016-06-11


On this week's episode, Tom and I sat down and had two separate Skype calls to great sports casters who have called Arena Football League games for many years now.

First we talk with former Arizona Rattler great all-time quarterback, Sed Bonner. Sed talks of his time becoming an arena football player and having to learn the QB position under the direction of a NFL Hall of Fame QB in Danny White as his first head coach. He shared his passion for not only the love of the game while playing in Phoenix, but for the love of the fans that he has met over the years whom have become good friends. Listen to find out what else Sed had to say.

Then our second conversation via Skype, was with 19 year broadcast veteran Ari Wolfe. Sorry in advance for the poor audio quality and some of the hard edits. Ari talks on how he got started in broadcasting with the AFL back with the Albany Firebirds who relocated after a few years to become the Indiana Firebirds. He shared his two most memorable moments as a broadcaster for an individual team was during the 1999 ArenaBowl season with Albany and the 2008 ArenaBowl season with the Philadelphia Soul, Ari's hometown. To find out what else was discussed, keep listening.

Here are the show notes:

0:01 Mark - We welcome to the show Arena Football League Hall of Fame QB Shedrick Bonner to the show. We begin the show with a background of our show and then further the discussion to the type of football the Arena Football League is as compared to the National Football League and some of the other professional sports league for the overall pure fan enjoyment and involvement.

9:20 Mark - We ask Sed about his career on how did he become aware of the Arena Football League's existence and how he got involved especially with his trying out for the Arizona Rattlers. Then we go over his transition into the AFL from playing the more normal outdoor game.

13:05 Mark - Tom asks Sed on who his influencers were in the game of football while growing up in southern California.

14:43 Mark - Eric asks Sed how his experience going into the AFL with a well known NFL Hall of Fame QB as your first head coach.

17:02 Mark - Sed discusses how his transition through different players were over his career with Arizona.

23:48 Mark - Eric asks Sed what his most memorable year(s) were with the Arizona Rattlers.

25:38 Mark - Eric switches it up from Sed's experience on the field with his teammates to his experiences with the fans, Arizona's 9th Man.

33:25 Mark - Tom asks Sed what effects does the AFL have on his family life.

35:27 Mark - Eric asks Sed about his experience of transitioning from the field to the broadcaster's box as a commentator and sideline reporter.

38:18 Mark - Sed is asked of his opinion with the new deal of broadcasting the games in Spanish over on Televisia Deportes Network with Univision Deportes Network.

44:07 Mark - Sed briefly discusses the game os the week that he is about to go and broadcast on. Jacksonville Sharks vs Tampa Bay Storm.

47:01 Mark - We welcome our second guest and someone who just happens to be partners in crime with Sherdrick Bonner, Ari Wolfe. Ari discusses with us his first experience with the Arena Football League.

50:33 Mark - Ari talks of the true genuine love a lot of the players in the league have for the game, especially since the economics is not what it is in the outdoor game.

53:38 Mark - Ari is asked of his personal experience while in Albany doing radio for the team how the fans were and they represented Albany's 9th Man.

55:47 Mark - Tom asks how was the situation of being involved with a AFL team that did not have another professional football team in the marketplace.

57:40 Mark - Eric asks Ari how the relocation of the Firebirds from Albany to Indianapolis was. Then he continues on with his personal relocation to getting the job in his hometown of Philadelphia and to begin calling the Soul games on the radio.

63:04 Mark - Tom asks Ari of his thoughts on the ideal number teams in the league to bring in the key national sponsorships to really make the league prosperous.

64:30 Mark - Eric asks Ari of his thoughts of the league's expansion into the nation's capital for the upcoming 2017 season.

67:53 Mark - Tom asks Ari go over a typical day or preparation from waking up to the game time.

71:10 Mark - Ari talks about his thoughts on the new Spanish broadcasting for the league via Televisia Deportes Network and Univision Deportes Network.








Episode 13

Episode 13

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