DiscoverLoreEpisode 130: In Plain Sight
Episode 130: In Plain Sight

Episode 130: In Plain Sight

Update: 2019-11-2560


Before cell phones and internet access, learning about the world around us took a lot of time. Along the way, there would be gaps in our knowledge—holes that human cultures tended to fill with folklore. And while the creatures they invented to fill those gaps were amazing, it’s how close they often got to reality that makes those stories truly frightening.

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Comments (6)

Kate El

The male platypus does have venomous spurs. Not sure if they can kill a dog, but it's incredibly painful for humans and can debilitate you for months

Feb 24th

Lloyd Keith

where in the actual world did he hide these episodes

Feb 24th

Yogesh Jai

why some episodes are missing??

Feb 24th

Shawna Love

Well, at least it wasn't yet another story about colonialism. Boy was that ridiculous subject worn out.

Dec 27th
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Episode 130: In Plain Sight

Episode 130: In Plain Sight

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