DiscoverLoreEpisode 136: The Third Time
Episode 136: The Third Time

Episode 136: The Third Time

Update: 2020-02-1766


Folklore is our legacy. We humans have carried it with us everywhere we’ve gone in the world, and it anchors us to our roots and our community. But it also does something else: it gives us a place to hide our fear, to put it on a leash and control it. And there’s one story in particular that does that better than most.

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Comments (6)

Yasmine C

People are still superstitious about black dogs. That's why black dogs Aren't adopted as often as the other dogs in shelters, so more black dogs end up getting euthanized. Google it. It's really a thing. I have 2 small dogs, one white and one black. All people love the white one, but have a real problem being near the black one. Ridiculous.

Feb 19th
Reply (2)

vinayak pandey

Very interesting episode

Feb 18th

Joe Thomann

Cerebus is a comic book aardvark. Cerberus is the Hound of Hades.

Feb 17th
Reply (1)
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Episode 136: The Third Time

Episode 136: The Third Time

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