DiscoverLoreEpisode 138: Foresight
Episode 138: Foresight

Episode 138: Foresight

Update: 2020-03-1667


Humanity has grown over the millennia by passing on knowledge through teachings and guides. Even today, how-to books are best-sellers, and people are more hungry than ever to learn and grow. But some lessons aren’t worth passing on, and in a few cases, they’ve even been incredibly destructive.


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Comments (4)

Taryn-Lee Biggar

can anyone do a better twist or turn than Aaron Mahnke. Thank you for the years of great story telling.

Mar 22nd

Cherie Deck

Lore is my new favorite thing

Mar 20th

Julie Creelman Greene

congratulations! love the show. I found your show a long time ago trying to find a soothing voice to help me sleep and I found stories that keep me awake, on the edge of my seat.

Mar 17th


congrats Aaron on your 5 years! I love this podcast you and your team do amazing work. I love all your projects I'm obsessed!

Mar 16th
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Episode 138: Foresight

Episode 138: Foresight

Aaron Mahnke and Grim & Mild