DiscoverThe KalevangelistEpisode 14: Kadee Acree--Running on Plants
Episode 14: Kadee Acree--Running on Plants

Episode 14: Kadee Acree--Running on Plants

Update: 2021-04-27


Kadee Acree and I worked together YEARS ago...and by years I mean decades! Twelve years ago, she was inspired to give plant-based eating a try. In fact, when she first made the switch, she went RAW! After experiencing amazing health benefits from a raw vegan diet, her husband decided he wanted to give the plant-based thing a try. Eventually they settled on a predominantly whole foods, plant based diet, and they've never felt better. Her running--and recovery--game is greatly improved thanks to  her plant-based diet, and I have to say, while she was beautiful when we worked together 26 years ago, she looks amazing now...vibrant, full of energy, and loving her broccoli!

Kadee mentions a few resources that have been helpful to her:

"Finding Ultra" by Rich Roll. This book helped Kadee use heart-rate training to adjust to higher altitude running upon her move to Bend, Oregon:

"Fiber Fueled" by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz. I have heard several interviews with Dr. Will, and I think this book may be the next one to grace my Amazon cart.  It's interesting, one of the most common--if not THE most common--question vegans are asked is, "where do you get your protein?" But nobody ever bothers to ask anyone, "where do you get your fiber?" Meanwhile, protein deficiency is almost unheard of in the United States, but a whopping 95% of Americans are not getting enough fiber.

"Peas and Thank You" by Sarah Matheny. Years ago--before I went plant based--a friend of mine gave me this cookbook.  It has wonderful photos of the foods and some fun stories from the author, a vegan mom in an omnivore world.

The Game Changers:
The documentary that started it all for me!  Think you need meat and animal products to build muscle, and find optimal health and strength? Think again! While thoroughly entertaining, this documentary--presented by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul--was a major eye opener for me!









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Episode 14: Kadee Acree--Running on Plants

Episode 14: Kadee Acree--Running on Plants

Lori Bridgeman