DiscoverWHYLD - Podcast for Bold Authentic PeopleEpisode 14 - Fear of Not Being Perfect Is Costly
Episode 14 - Fear of Not Being Perfect Is Costly

Episode 14 - Fear of Not Being Perfect Is Costly

Update: 2021-06-20


How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to hide your „imperfections“? 

We all do it at times. We throw our energy, time, and an impressively creative charade of excuses onto the things we feel insecure about, ashamed of, or „not ready yet“ for. We willingly trade our dreams, opportunities, and belief in ourselves for a chance to hide our imperfections from the people around us. And for the peace in knowing that we cannot fail… because we decided not to try in the first place.  

This episode is a personal one. One in which I, WHYLD Podcast creator Tina, share about my own fear of not being perfect, how it surfaces in the creation process of this podcast, and what it costs me.  

I am obsessed with people communicating and living authentically, vulnerably, courageously. And this is not because I am an expert on the matter but because I am an eager student of it.  

A part of me cannot stand being seen as a work in progress, as insecure, as imperfect. This is not because I would love to impress others by all means… In theory, I am happy to be wrong and have my weaknesses. In practice, it is simply scary to feel raw and really be seen in all my colours. But I realized this very part prevents me from being true to WHYLDs core values and giving as much as I possibly can.  

It is too big a sacrifice... 

Listen to this episode to wrap your head around: 

  • Why worrying about how you perform in a conversation is a selfish act that does others a disservice. 
  • What hidden struggles I fight with in the creation process of this podcast (#letsgetreal). 
  • Why it is important to observe your reasons for not doing something – and to identify when it is your fear of not being perfect whispering nonsense into your ear. 

A book on the topic mentioned in the episode: “Brave, Not Perfect” by Reshma Saujani

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Episode 14 - Fear of Not Being Perfect Is Costly

Episode 14 - Fear of Not Being Perfect Is Costly

Tina Hewelt